Yieryi WiFi Tuya Smart Soil Temperature Humidity Detector Wireless Plant Soil Sensor Soil Moisture Monitor for Greenhouse Plant

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Color: Smart Soil Detector
Ships From: Russian Federation


Brand Name: yieryi

Origin: Mainland China

DIY Supplies: Plumbing

Certification: CE

Display Type: DIGITAL

Model Number: THE01840

With Backlight Or Not: no

THE01840: Smart Soil Detector

G06-W: Tuya Gateway

THE01840+G06-W: Tuya Gateway With Smart Soil Detector

Smart Soil Detector: An important part of forming an intelligent irrigation system

Smart Soil Detector: Soil moisture temperature tester for gardens

Yieryi WiFi Tuya Smart Soil Temperature Humidity Detector Wireless Plant Soil Sensor Soil Moisture Monitor for Greenhouse Plant

【Tuya Smart Wireless WIFI Soil Temperature And Humidity Detector Meter 】Download the "Tuya" app, WIFI connection / Real time intelligent data transmission, Zigbee wireless remote transmission, APP to view temperature and humidity data in real time, historical data graphs and temperature and humidity history curves etc. Install the product at the location to be measured and insert the sensor probe vertically into the soil. Once the probe is in full contact with the soil, you can easily measure soil moisture (0~100%) and temperature (-20°C~60°C). Link up with our automatic watering machines for automatic watering.【Note: Please read the manual for specific operations and contact customer service if any deviations occur】

【Easy to Set Up Intelligent Automatic Irrigation Systems】Soil sensor with Zigbee wireless long range transmission, waterproof protection class IP67, corrosion resistance, long term control of soil temperature/humidity etc. Enables the formation of intelligent watering systems! Smart irrigation system with smart watering unit, hoses, sprinklers, soil temperature and humidity sensors, graffiti zigbee gateway and router 2.4Ghz.

【Durable, Widely Applicable Soil Tester】The probe is made of austenitic 304 stainless steel, rust-proof, electrolytic, acid and alkali resistant, with low power consumption, sensitive measurement and stable performance to ensure the long-term operation of the probe. IP67 waterproof rating prevents water from entering the body. Making the product suitable for indoor and outdoor measurements without fear of rain and watering moisture watering, it is suitable for pot irrigation, patio gardens, farmland, greenhouse growing and vegetable plots etc.


Model : QT-07S

Wireless Mode : Zigbee

Parameter name : parameter content

Power supply mode : 2 No. 5 batteries(Not Included)

Service life : 2000 mAh battery for more than 1 year

Moisture measurement range: 0~100%

Moisture accuracy : 0~50% (± 3%), 50%~100% (± 5%)

Temp measurement range:-20°C-60°C

Temperature accuracy:±1°C

Communication protocol: Zigbee 30

APP data response time: 60s

Protection grade:IP67

Product size:180mm long, 46.5mm wide, 60mm long probe

Note: This is the details of all measurable parameters of this series of products. Please refer to the actual purchased products

APP download: doodle smart or smart life APP
This QR code is: graffiti smart APP download QR code.The communication protocol of the measuring instrument is zigbee 3.0. You need to graffiti zigbee gateway to connect to the mobile APP

【Soil Temperature/Humidity Detector】

Temperature: -20°C~60°C

【Wireless Soil Temperature And Humidity Sensor】

1 . APP Connection
2 . Humidity Measurement
3 . Temperature Measurement

1 . Probe made of austenitic 304 stainless steel,Rust-proof, power-off resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance,Long-term operation of the probe guaranteed

2 . Protection class IP67,Prevents water entry into the deviceBetter sealing performance

3 . Industrial grade performance,Low power consumption, high sensitivity measurement, stable performance

【Low Energy Consumption】

Battery powered, long battery life (not included),Two AA batteries Battery ,life more than 12 months

Science Tips (To Cultivate a Good Crop, You Must First Understand its Growing Environment)

Soil temperature and humidity play an important role in crop growth,High temperature and low temperature will affect the decomposition of organic matter in fertilizer by microorganisms in soil,High water content will lead to poor soil aeration, and low water content can not meet crop growth,To cultivate good crops, we must first understand their growth environment

APP Add Device

1. Press and hold the measuring instrument button for 5 seconds to switch to the networking status.

2. Open the graffiti APP, enter the gateway interface, and click Add Sub Device

3. Confirm that the sub-equipment is in the distribution mode (the indicator is flashing)

4. Enter the search device interface, and click Finish after finding the device

5. Click Finish on the Add Device interface to add the device successfully

6. Interface of soil temperature and humidity measuring instrument

【Accurate Measurement Suitable for Various Soil Types 】

It can be used in various places such as potted flower boxes, courtyard gardens, farmland vegetable fields, greenhouses, lawns, Potted plants etc.

Matters Needing Attention

1. Install the product at the place to be measured, and insert the sensor probe vertically into the soil
2. The probe shall be fully contacted and compacted with the soil to ensure the accuracy of data.
3. The soil temperature and humidity meter only tests soil and soil, and is not applicable to dry flour, small stones, organic sawdust, liquid particles, etc
4. When inserting the measuring instrument into the soil, please try to insert the probe into the soil as a whole
5. The depth and compactness of the probe inserted into the soil will directly affect the measured value and cause errors. In order to improve the accuracy of the test results, please use the method of multi-point test to take the average value
6. When using, pay attention not to touch the stone at the test point, and do not force too hard, otherwise the probe will be easily damaged.
7. When the measuring instrument is not used and stored, do not directly rub the probe surface or scratch it with your hands, keep it clean and dry, and keep it away from magnetic objects and other metal objects.
8. Battery recycling should be handled according to the national waste battery recycling process to avoid environmental pollution.


Q : About the G06-W gateway: How many devices can be connected to 1 gateway?

A : About 50 devices can be connected

Brand Story

YIERYI brand was registered in 2016. The main products are refractometers, PH meters, tds, ec pens, soil meters, kitchen scales, and jewelry scales. In order to ensure the accuracy of the data, we gave up the low-cost chip, selected high-precision Taiwan imported and South Korea imported chips, the design chose a portable pen-type design, light, beautiful, and easy to carry. All products will be tested, calibrated and used by ourselves to ensure that the quality is qualified and then promoted. We want to let this healthy brand enter every family and every corner of the world, and pass on the dream of "world love, China made" !

Color: Smart Soil Detector
Ships From: Russian Federation