Xiaomi Mijia Computer Monitor Light Bar 1S for PC Monitor LED Lamp Screen Hanging Light Student Eyes Protection Reading Learning

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Body Color: 1s


Shade Type: Shadeless

Power Source: DC

Switch Type: Touch On/Off Switch

Brand Name: XIAOMI

Is Dimmable: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Light Source: LED

Is Bulbs Included: No

Color: black

Choice: yes

• High-Quality LED Lamp :The Xiaomi MiJia Computer Monitor Light Bar features a high-quality LED lamp, ensuring bright and clear lighting for your screen.

• Eye Protection Design :Designed with student eyes protection in mind, this light bar reduces eye strain during long reading or learning sessions.

• Touch On/Off Switch :The light bar comes with a convenient touch on/off switch, allowing for easy control of the lighting without having to get up from your seat.

• Shadeless Feature :Its shadeless design provides uniform lighting, enhancing the overall visibility of your computer monitor screen.

• Black Color :The sleek black color of the light bar seamlessly blends with any computer setup, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace.


The 1S is an upgraded model, it is a smart version that can be connected to the Xiaomi APP.

The older version (standard model) is not smart and cannot be connected to the Xiaomi APP.

Package Information:

Lamp Body X1

Base x1

Remote Control x1

User Manual x1

Type-C Power Cable x1


1. When cleaning the surface of the product, use a soft cotton cloth. Do not use solvents containing corrosive substances for cleaning.

2. After replacing the batteries in the remote control, please recycle the used batteries properly to avoid environmental pollution.

3. The light source of this lamp is not replaceable; when the light source reaches the end of its life, the entire fixture should be replaced.

4. This product is for indoor use only.

Mi smart monitor hanging lamp 1S

Asymmetric Forward Projection

Anti-glare for Screen-Free Comfort

Customized optical lens for forward projection, illuminating only the desktop work area without casting light on the screen.

Forward Projection Illumination Path

Ambient Illumination Path

Upgrade to Ra95* for Outstanding High Color Rendering, Unsurpassed in Brilliance

Restore a "Spectacular Vision" at night. No noticeable video flicker, reducing eye fatigue.

*Under default lighting conditions, i.e., at maximum dimming with a color temperature of 3900K, Ra95 is achieved.

*The absence of noticeable video flicker and Ra95 color rendering index were tested by Foshan Water Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd., with report number WTF21F07077035N.

*All comparisons mentioned on this page are made in reference to Xiaomi products. Comparison images are for illustrative purposes regarding functionality or effects; please refer to actual results.

Brand New and Neat Desktop Lighting Experience

Easy to Hang*, Leaving More Space for You

With its hanging design, it occupies less desktop space compared to traditional desk lamps, providing more room efficiency.

*This product is suitable for monitors or panels with a thickness of 32mm. It is compatible with original monitors with a thickness of 10-32mm. For monitors with a thickness less than 10mm, the weight balance and gravity play a crucial role in holding it securely (not suitable for laptops).

Exclusive Bluetooth Remote Control, Unleashing Freedom

Seamless Adjustment of Color Temperature and Brightness, Personalized Customization of Lighting Modes. Instant Activation at Your Fingertips.

Short Press: Power On/Off

Rotate: Adjust Brightness

Press and Rotate: Adjust Color Temperature

Long Press: Switch Mode

Double Tap: Focus Mode/Delayed Power Off

Upgraded Comfortable Lighting Experience

Dual Protection Design to Avoid Direct Glare

25° Magnetic Angle Adjustment + Micro-etched Soft Light Cover, saying goodbye to harsh glare with a dual approach.

Illuminance Upgrade, Illuminating the Keyboard and Mouse Workspace

Customized lens for forward projection, ensuring higher illuminance in the keyboard and mouse workspace. Type-C power supply for more convenience and compatibility.

1S Hanging Lamp 1st Generation Hanging Lamp

*Illuminance values are measured at different horizontal distances from the screen when the luminous surface is 5cm above the desktop. Both hanging lamps are set to maximum brightness under their rated inputs (Mi Smart Monitor Hanging Lamp 1S: 5V⎓2A, Mi Monitor Hanging Lamp: 5V⎓1A). The data above is sourced from Qingdao Yilai Laboratory.

*It is recommended to use a 5V⎓2A adapter with certification. Insufficient power supply may result in abnormal lighting conditions or control issues. Please promptly replace the adapter with one that meets the usage requirements.

Brand New Intelligent Upgrade, Unlocking More Possibilities for Automation

Whether you're immersed in online surfing or your food delivery has arrived, the hanging lamp will keep you informed. It blinks to alert you when someone rings the doorbell. Enjoy the fun of customizing these interactive scenarios as per your preferences.

*In the Mi Home app, you can set up intelligent scenes to link the hanging lamp with other devices. Additional devices for linkage need to be purchased separately.

Dedicated to You, the Life Enthusiast in Front of the Screen

High color rendering, boosting your imaginative ideas.

Non-reflective, providing comfortable and efficient eye relief.

Smart enough for you to fully enjoy your leisure time.

Convenient Disassembly and Assembly, Flexible Adjustment

Magnetic Suction Structure

Maximum 25° adjustment range, effectively avoiding glare

Wide-Angle Pivot

40° adjustable gravity pivot, suitable for 1-32mm thickness curved screens, flat screens, and panels

Metal lamp body

Utilizes a metal material body, stylish in cool black.

Basic Parameters

Product Model: MJGJD02YL

Rated Input: 5V⎓2A

Operating Temperature: -10°C~40°C

Operating Humidity: 0%-85% RH

Lamp body dimensions: Φ23x 448mm

Rated Power: 5W (80x0.2W/LED module)

Luminous Flux: 300lm @ 3900K (rated power)

Color Rendering Index: Ra95 @ 3900K

Color Temperature: 2700-6500K

Remote control dimensions: Φ66.5x34mm

Basic specifcations

Product model MJGJDO1YL

Rated input 5V=1A

Operating temperature -10°C to 40°C

Body size 23x448mm

Remote control size 66.5x34mm

Color temperature 2700K to 6500K

Rated power 5W (80 x 0.2W/LED module)

Body Color: 1s