Tuya Smart Remote Control Wireless Wifi Switch Module 1/2/4CH DC 7-32V 5V 12V 24V 220V RF Receiver 10A wifi Relay For Alexa DIY

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Bundle: 4 Channels 7-32V


Input voltage: USB 5V,AC/DC 7V-32V,AC85-250V

Operating Humidity: 40% ~ 80% RH

working temperature: -20 degrees to +70 degrees

APP: Smart Life / Tuya Smart

Feature 1: Work with Alexa

Feature 2: Work with Google home

Function feature: App Remote Control / RF Control / Voice Control

Max input current: 10A

Time Type: Timer

Working mode: inching /self-locking /Interlocking

Name 1: smart home remote

Name 2: smart wifi relay

Name 3: google home module

Name 4: smart relay

Name 5: switch wifi relay

Name 6: smart relay wifi

Name 7: wifi switch control

Name 8: remote control relays

Name 9: tuya wifi switch

Name 10: wireless relay module

Name 11: wifi smart switch

Brand Name: Scimagic-RC

Compatibility: All Compatible

Model Number: Wifi module

Camera Equipped: No

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Communication method: RF

Communication method: WI-FI

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Tuya smart Jog Inching Self-locking WIFI Wireless Smart Home Switch Remote Control with Amazon Alexa

This product is a wireless switch supports inching /self-locking mode. Users can add the device to the APP Smart life in order to remotely control connected home appliances or devices.

In self-locking mode, customers can remotely turn on/off connected devices immediately.

When in inching mode, customers can have two wiring ways to select, and you can set the inching time in APP .

WIFi control model, no need to program. No matter where you are, you only need to download a APP to connect the wifi and control the cloud.

RF mode , you can control the board with RF433 remote controller.

Use for

1.Remotely give a pulse signal to turn on/off Lights,Lamps and other home appliance.

2.Remotely give a pulse signal to turn on/off Garage Door,Door Access

3.Remotely give a pulse signal to control DC Motor,AC Motor to Forward and Reverse


This product is a 4 channels universal WiFi wireless smart switch with RF 433MHz module, for your smart home system to remotely and automatically turn on/off home appliances and electronic devices by phone APP. It also can be controlled by RF remote controller indoors. It can connect and control four appliances on APP at the same time, and you can independently turn on/off each of the four gangs. It also supports timing turning on/off the appliances at a specified time, and share to others so that you can control your smart home together with your family. You can also voice control your home appliances by Amazon Alexa, and for Google Home/Nest,IFTTT, and enjoy intelligent life and make your home smarter.


*App Support: Free iOS and for Android mobile Tuya APP/Smart Life APP.
*Sync Status: Real-time device status provided to App.
*Remote ON/OFF: Turn 4 electrical devices on/off remotely from anywhere.
*RF Remote control: Turn on/off by 433MHz RF Remote indoors.
*3 Working Modes: Switch among interlock/self-locking/inching modes.
*Independent control: Control each gang separately in Tuya APP/Smart Life APP.
*Supports remotely turn on or off connected appliances, for example light, electric kettle, electric rice cooker, electric curtain, Garage door opener,Motor,etc.
*Timing: Supports 8 enabled countdown/single/repeat timing tasks to turn on/off at specified time.
*DIN Rail Mounted: Great for industrial control.
*Voice Control: Compatible perfectly with Amazon Alexa, for Google Home, for Google Nest,IFTTT.
*Share Control: Control your smart home together with your family.


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Input voltage : DC/AC 7-32V , AC 85-250V,Micro USB 5V input.
Max current : 2200W/10A.
WiFi standard : WiFi 2.4 ghz b/n/g.
Size : 1CH 69*41*20mm,2CH 10*35*20mm,4CH 78*74*20mm.
The life of Relay Model is more than 1,000,00.
Default inching Function: Press the open relay by mobile phone, then cut off the pull-on imediately, you can set the inching time in APP , it has the timing-share function at the same time.
Self-locking when press the inching and locking button with the light on. Press open relay to pull-on, press close relay to cut off.

Noted :

Your have the correct wif password.
Your smart phone or tablet must have access to APP store or google play.
Your router is MAC-open.
Your smart phone or tablet has connected to a 2.4g wifi with internet.
Default inching time 1s , you can set inching time from 2s to 3600s in APP ( smart life / tuya smart).


1* wifi module
1* manual

APP Control From Anywhere

You can rermote control smart device via mobile phone APP antytime and anywhere.

Family Sharing

Share the control with family member.Enjoy the convenience and happiness together

View at any time on your mobile phone.Switching power supply

Check and control the power switch at any time, saving electricity and convenient to use

Three control methods for easy control

Voice control, app control, remote control

Smart switch, bid farewell to traditional switching methods

Control multiple devices at the same time

Picture display

Bundle: 4 Channels 7-32V