Tuya MutiMode Gateway Hub WIFI Zigbee Bluetooth Wireless Smart Home Bridge Smart APP Remote Control Works With Alexa Google Home

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Bundle: Bluetooth Gateway


Brand Name: RSH

Communication method: Bluetooth-compatible

Communication method: zigbee

Communication method: WI-FI

Origin: Mainland China

Compatibility: All Compatible

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Camera Equipped: No

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Model Number: GW018

Product name: Smart Hub Gateway

Power input: DC 5V1A

Wireless connection: WIFI ZigBee BLE

Working power supply: <1A

Working temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C

Working humidify: 10% ~90% (non-condensing)

Product size: 120*120*30mm

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


1.Sub-device control as multi-mode compatible:Control sub-devices of the gateway, supporting remote control and group control for connected Bluetooth and ZigBee smart devices in Smart Life App as multi-protocol communication for ZigBee 3.0 standard protocol and BLE SIG standard protocol based,ensuring stable control of 128 devices as strong performance.

2.Scenario and automation supported: Sub-devices of the gateway act as trigger conditions for linking them with other smart devices through the scenario and automation setting in the app,featured as one powerful network bridge for whole house linkage in a real sense for all Tuya Smart home devices.

3.Remote control available:Remotely control the devices that are connected to the gateway through the mobile phone via Tuya Smart App no matter where you are,no need to separately control your BLE and ZigBee devices in two different interfaces,simply control them within one multi-mode gateway hub with reliable local linkage and group control services supported.

4.Smart multi-function with easy operation:Locally executing scenario and automation is preferred, which enables smart scenarios and automation to be executed in case of no network access;Add sub-devices without network access and multiple sub-devices accessing the network at the same time.

5.Support security function: Can be integrated into the Tuya Security SaaS platform for added convenience to satisfy various protection requirements with alarm function;Tuya chip built-in enables voice control via Alexa and Google Home for freeing your hands in another sense.


Product name:Smart Multi-mode Gateway

Power input:DC 5V1A

Working temperature:-10°C ~ 55°C

Working humidify :10% ~90% (non-condensing)

Wireless connection:WIFI ZigBee BLE

Product size:120mm*120mm*30mm

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1.The function of wifi protocol supported by multimode gateway is to convert the data of zigbee and BLE into the data of wifi. The gateway communicates with the router through wifi after converting the data of Zigbee and BLE devices, and uploads the data to the cloud for linkage with APP.

The gateway itself is a function of data management and conversion. Alexa can't directly connect to the gateway. It needs Tuya APP to connect to the gateway, and then the gateway connects to the sub-devices supporting Alexa, such as ZIGBEE devices, and then the APP shares it with Alexa, so that Alexa can control the sub-devices of Tuya zigbee through the gateway.

Bundle: Bluetooth Gateway