European Style Home Decor Mirror Wall Sticker Fashion 3D Hexagon Acrylic Stickers Living Room Bedroom Stairs Decoration Supplies

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Color: Blue
Size: S 24pcs


Brand Name: Vieruodis

Origin: Mainland China

Classification: For Refrigerator

Classification: For Smoke Exhaust

Classification: For Cabinet Stove

Classification: For Tile

Classification: For Wall

Classification: Furniture Stickers

Classification: Switch Panel Stickers

Classification: Floor Stickers

Classification: Window Stickers

Specification: Multi-piece Package

Material: Acrylic

Style: Modern Style

Scenarios: WALL

Model Number: Mirror Stereo Wall Sticker

Theme: cartoon/卡通

Censor Code: 2

Pattern: 3D Sticker

Product parameters:
Product Name: Mirror Stereo Wall Sticker
Material: acrylic
S code: 24PCS
M code: 12PCS
L code: 12PCS
XL code: 6PCS

Product Size
XL: 230*265*132cm

Color: gold, blue, silver, red
Thickness: 1mm The product comes with self-adhesive
Features: Simple and fashionable, crystal clear, elegant atmosphere, creative home classic

Uses: Living room background wall, TV background wall, sofa background wall, bedroom background wall, kitchen background wall and other innovative wall decoration products, simple and convenient, random combination, ideal DIY beautifying decoration products, can maintain bright colors for a long time, viscosity It is not easy to fall off, making the wall more colorful, the space more vivid and brighter!

Reminder: There is a protective film on the surface of the product, which is hazy like fog. After tearing off the protective film, it will be a bright mirror. The mirror sticker is a three-dimensional wall sticker. The mirror material cannot be folded or rolled. It is afraid of scratching and scratching. Please be sure to stick it well before tearing off the protective film!


Color: Blue
Size: S 24pcs